performance/show homes preffered.. These puppies MUST have a job to do.
                              we are expecting Black/white only

           Gabby is a very quiet girl. She hs been to a few shows in breed and obedience and has a few lower herding titles. She isn't impressed with all the hoopla that goes on at the shows and gets a little distracted . She loves to go and has a good time in the ring usually at my expense. I ahven't really put the time i should have into her showing as i have been working on Albert. she does work around the farm and is wokring her way up to chore dog.You can not beat her personality. She is a people lover and not a person has met her that doesn't fall in love with her.She has a medium coat that is really thick. her topline is strong and a nicely put together rear. I would like to see a little better angles on her front but thats me. She has a wonderful sidegait and covers ground quickly. I have not worked any agility with her, but have started her in rally and obedience which we hope to get her back into the ring after this litter . She is currently pointed in UKC and just needs 2 wins to finnish. We haven't shown AKC much as she is a "working" girl and we all know how hard that is to finnish:)
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             Albert is a wonderful young prospect we hope will go far here at our kennel. He is already working sheep, holding a CKC tested title(equal to AKC pt) IS doind wonderful in the breed ring finnishing his AKC-CKC-UKC breed Championships  with multipul Best of Breeds . He is currently working on his obedience and agility titles.Albert loves life and lives everyday like its his last! Always on the go, but easy to live with we hope to see great things out of him. Although he only stands 18 inches tall he is very well balanced. His front is strong with nice layback.He has a nice topline and good turn of stiffle in the rear. His sidegait is to die for and is clean coming and going. Albert has a very keen interest in livestock although a bit to intense at times. He works both sheep and ducks. He does well in the obedience ring and is coming along nicely . Agility he is VERY quick and works nicely for a young dog. As he is exposed to more shows we should see vast improvements in all three of these venues............