V   Ch. Quantum Leaps Step Back In Tyme                                                     PT , HS, RN,PCD, RN,RA, HTADl , HTADll
               Quantum Leaps Shooting Star                                                                     PT ,HSAs,HSAd, HS, HTAD 1,  HI,HA,HTD RN(akc/ckc) CD(akc/ckc),RA, RE
                                                  "  Hailey "
                                   2011  CKC #4 border collie Herding Advanced
                                                                                     Mi-Ken's Have Ewe Herd                               HT, JHD, RN(akc/ckc) PCD(ckc)
                      DOB 02-09-2007
                    AG1  AM/CN  U-CH. VX Centaurea's Ewe Decide
      BN,REA,CDX,NAJ,OA,HSAs(akc) PCD,CD,RA,HT,HSd,SD(ckc) JHD, HTDd, HTADlls(ahba),
                    TN-E,NA,NAC,NCC(nadac),FMCHX, CD-C(cdsp)  SSBs(uki)                                      
                                     2011 CKC #3 BC herding started
                                     2010 UKC Top Ten Ranked
                                             DOB 11-18-2007

  Border Collies 
These are our current Border Collies. All are working farm dogs as well as doing some form of showing. We strive to produce a dog that can work all day and  "turn off" when your done.
Due to injuries, Walker will no longer be shown
currently working on
  UKC rally l- 1 leg and High in trial
          Agility- level 2
          obedience- novice
  CKC-open obedience- 1 leg
         herding started (sheep)
         Stockdog intermediate 1 leg
  APDT Rally-
             RL1-3 legs(2 judges)
  CDSP- open 1 leg
  NADAC- Open reg - 2leg
              weavers-2 legs
              touch-n-go-1 leg
              open chances-0 legs
             open  jumpers- 1 leg
             Elite tunnelers natch-
  AKC agility-
            open  standard-2 leg
            Excellent   jumpers- 0
            Utility - 0 legs
   Rally- REA - 8 leg with 7High Combined
  UKI - Speed Stakes-
FLYBALL-  working on ONYX
Currently Wokring on:
    UKC- 110 pts w 1 comp win
     AKC-Beg novice
     Training in Rally, Obedience, Agility & Herding
centaurea border collies
Centaurea's Man In The Mirror HIC
Jackson is currently in training for obedience/rally /herding and agility
centaurea border collies
AG1 U-Ch V   Lookback's The Girl Next Door RA,BN CD NAJ,HSAs(akc) PCD,HSs,HT(ckc) RL1(APDT) HTDls,HTADls(ahba) FMCHX
                             DOB 05-15-2010
Mi-Ken's Frozen in Tyme BN,RN,HTADl
Hailley will no longer be shown, she has retired to farm work only
Currently looking to place please email for information
  Agility- level 2- 0 legs
  obedience novice-o legs
Rally level 1 - o legs

    Novice Standard - olegs
    Open JUmoers- o legs
    Obedince- Open o legs
    Herding- intermediate sheep
  Rally level 2- 2 legs
   Obedience Novice
   Rally novice
   herding Intermediate