Well, what can i say about Ty??He is a very hard dog to work with, never being "wrong" makes it hard to train him. He  gets ticked off easily, leaves  until you can decide what YOUR problem is and usually turns his back and lays down so as not to listen to you.......BUT, he is the best dog i have worked with!! Not really having much training, this dog has two Companian dog titles, Flyball, Agility and herding titles. We are currently going to actually start  training him and try and get his Open title!! We are  working on his Excellent agility title..... check back for updates on the coming years adventures..........
This page was last updated on: September 20, 2007
                                     State 4H dog show 2002
          ( Had to scan this picture in two halfs, so a little "off" in the middle!)